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We have confidence and pride in our installers, and here is why:

We take great pride in the installers that choose to use our products, many of these installers have used a variety of different materials in the past and continue to trust us to provide their customers with top quality interior pool finishes. Many of our installers are multi-generational family owned businesses as well as members of the National Plasters Council and they are very knowledgeable in their trade. They have challenged themselves throughout the years to bring the new products to the market and continue to change the face of the pool industry through innovation. That being said, interior pool finish installation is a growing trade and we are always working to develop new markets and make Finest Finish Blends™ Products available to everyone.

If you know, or are already working with an installer that is not listed please feel to refer them to us using the contact form and we will be glad to provide them with the information that they need.


List of Installer locations

The pins on the map represent the major cities in which we have installers, these installers also serve the smaller surrounding areas. For the most current contact information of installers in your area please get in touch with us so we can pair you with the most appropriate resource for your project.