Below is the list of questions we get most frequently about our pool finishes. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us with additional questions.

There are a wide variety of interior pool finishes on today’s market making it difficult for consumers to choose. Finest Finish Blends™ are crafted using only the highest quality raw materials and are held together with our industry leading patented pozzolon blended cement giving them unmatched strength and durability. Finest Finish Blends™ Pool Interiors are based on a pre-mixed system giving our customers the confidence that everything going into their pool is of the highest quality and no corners are being cut. You can have even greater peace of mind knowing that our finishes are all backed by a comprehensive material warranty.

There are a number of factors that go into choosing a pool finish that is most suitable for your needs. The first factor is budget, as any consumer product there are pool interior finishes that fall into different price points. Typically your marble plaster finishes will be cheaper to install than your pebble and polished finishes with quartz finishes falling somewhere in between. When considering budget you also must consider life-span, what type of life span are you looking for in your pool interior finish? As you go up in price points the lifespan of your finish will also typically increase. Next is texture, different pool interior finishes provide different textures so you want to be sure that the finish that you choose has a texture that you are comfortable with. Lastly is aesthetics, you want to choose a finish that will complement your existing landscape and hardscape and bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Pool water color has many determinants, the type and pigment color in your finish, the landscape and hardscape surrounding your pool, lighting and time of day, depth and shape of pool and even water conditions. The water color in your pool will be unique to your pool and often changing based on these underlying factors. As a general rule of thumb for a blue water color choose a finish that is white, grey, blue or black. The darker the color the deeper blue you will achieve. To achieve a green water color use a finish that has green, brown or tan hues. Our gallery can be helpful tool to help you choose a pool finish that helps you achieve the water color you are looking for.

We have finishes that vary in texture. Generally, plaster and polished finishes will be smooth to the touch and pebble finishes will have a bit more texture. With pebble finishes the larger the aggregate the more texture the finish will have, but if installed properly the finish should not have a jagged feel. Check out our latest Micro Fusion the smallest pebble system available on the market.

Regular care and maintenance are crucial to getting the longest possible lifespan out of any pool finish. If taken care of properly a marble and quartz plaster pool finish will last 8-12 years, our Finest Finish Blends™ White marble plaster finish is superior to others on the market giving it greater strength and durability and in most instances a longer lifespan. Pebble and polished finishes are the most durable and longest lasting pool finishes available typically seeing 15-20+ year life spans if maintained properly, they also tend to keep their luster through their lifetime. Please follow the National Plasterers Council (NPC) Start up Guidelines available from NPC.

To find an installer in your area please refer to our installation page. Please note that because some installers purchase through distribution they may not be listed. Also, if you already have chosen an installation specialist and would like to have us contact them with more information on Finest Finish Blends™ products please feel free to submit their information using our contact page so we can list their information on the installation page.

The best way to view a model pool is to contact your local installation specialist and ask if they have any pools available for viewing. Because we are a material supplier only we do not typically have access to information on specific job locations. Feel free to visit our gallery to see pictures of pools in specific finishes.

Our Finest Finish Blends™ products are only available for purchase to licensed contractors and pool installation specialists. If you are a licensed contractor or pool installation specialist looking to purchase our materials please refer to our contact page.

Taking care of your new pool finish is a big responsibility and crucial to protecting and getting the most out of your investment. To accomplish this you must always maintain proper water chemistry and we recommend following the standards set by the National Plasterers Council (NPC) found here, although it is always best to hire a pool service professional if possible.

If you believe you have a warranty issue the first step is to contact your installation professional or builder. If the problem is something that they cannot address and fix they will contact us to begin the warranty process.


Universal White Cement has been a supportive member of the NPC since 1995, find out why the NPC is important in this video:

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