FINEST FINISH SPARKLE QUARTZ SERIES Finest Finish 7-year warranty sticker

100% Quartz sand pre-blend with abalone shell

Our popular pigment colors are reflected throughout our product series. Please scroll left or right for more colors and click on sample to enlarge.

Finest Finish Blends Series and Universal Mini Pebble Series create a large range of vibrant color options. Ultimately the overall color and reflection of your swimming pool is also dependent on the lighting at different times during the day, the surrounding landscape. We invite you to explore some of our most popular finishes in this series. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Sparkle Quartz – Serenity Blue (Tahoe)

Sparkle Quartz – Pacific

Sparkle Quartz – Lakeside

Sparkle Quartz – White

Sparkle Quartz – French Grey

Sparkle Quartz – Tropical

Sparkle Quartz – Laguna

Sparkle Quartz – Kool

Sparkle Quartz -Cayman

Sparkle Quartz – Midnight

Sparkle Quartz – Sand

Image of Finest Finish Blends Sparkle Quartz Series Brochure

Sparkle Quartz Series

  • Sparkle Quartz Blend white base with optional colored quartz enhancements

  • Pre-blended Universal High Performance Cement™ enriched with Pozzolans and Polymers

  • Assurance of strength and longevity with twice the strength of conventional plaster products

  • Comprehensive 7-year Materials Warranty