The foundation of all our products is a high-performance, custom cement. The unique blend of pozzolans in Universal White Cement™ react with the calcium hydroxide and chemically change it into a cluster-like network forming a dense cement matrix. The improved tightness reduces the amount of water and chemicals that can infiltrate the cement matrix and cause premature deterioration.

Please click here for the Universal White Cement™ brochure for more detailed information about our high-performance cement. You can also refer to our Technical page for start up and warranty information.

Finest Finish Blends…

  • Extends finish time

  • Increases workability

  • Increases strength and durability

  • Improves resistance to sulfate (salt) attack

  • Helps eliminate premature sets

  • Reduces alkali silica reaction (ASR)

  • Reduces chemical attack

  • Reduces efflorescence

  • Four types of pozzolan combinations blended with highest quality calcined shale