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Information for Distributors and Installers

We provide our installation companies with high quality products to ensure smooth mixing and application processes

Finest Finish Blends provides a variety of options to meet different installation needs. We start with reliable custom blended swimming pool cements that were developed for use in different climate conditions. Click here to learn more about what makes Universal Cement uniquely workable and durable.

We maintain strong relationships with our client and provide training and support as well as easy to access product safety information, start-up procedures and warranties. Click here for a summary page of Finest Finish Blends Technical information.

Finest Finish Blends plaster, quartz and mini pebble
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Finest Finish Blends Micro Pebble Collection

Ultra smooth preblend of micro pebble with abalone and Jewels for Pools Glass.

Universal Mini Pebble Series

Smooth, naturally-tumbled mini pebble, with Jewels for Pools Glass option

Micro-Fusion logo

Finest Finish Radiant Fusion Logo Red Orange with oval background

Finest Finish Universal Mini Pebble logo silver

Finest Finish Universal Mini Pebble with Jewels for Pools Glass logo aqua and grey with oval background

Finest Finish Blends Plaster & Quartz Collection

Plaster and Quartz collections offer a range of smooth and textured, traditional options. Choose high white 100% marble blends, 100% quartz blends or 50%/50% marble/quartz finishes which can be used in both residential and commercial projects.

Finest Finish Blends Polished Series

Polished pre-blend of pebble aggregate, colored glass and abalone shell.

Finest Finish Island logo green with oval background

Finest Finish Arctic Coast logo bright blue with oval background

Finest Finish Blends Quartz and Mini Pebble - Texas manufactured

These blended formulations are manufactured in Texas and include from 100% quartz to mini pebble with 40% Jewels for Pools Glass and abalone.

Logo for Finest finish Blues star series

Finest Finish Pools Logo for Texas Jewels for Pools 40% glass

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