Stimulate your imagination bring your swimming pool project to life

Universal White Cement has developed the superior products known as Finest Finish Blends™ and Universal Mini Pebble Interior Pool Finishes which continue to be the choice the industry’s best Applicators and Pool Builders.

Designed recipes are given to our applicators with carefully crafted combinations of Universal White High-Performance Cement, aggregates, colored pigments, Jewels for Pools Glass Blends™, and abalone.

The natural pebble aggregates used in our products are delicately smoothed by nature along beaches, in rivers and in mines, for example. This gives their surface a textured finish that is non-abrasive and very pleasing to the touch.

A full range of options for each series is available by clicking on any of the images below.

Finest Finish stack of brochures

Our Swimming Pool Finishes

Modern pre-blend of micro-sized pebble,
Jewels for Pool Glass Blend and abalone shell

Micro Fusion LogoModern pre-blend of micro-sized pebble
and abalone shell

Polished pre-blend of pebble aggregate,
colored glass and abalone shell

Finest Finish Commercial Quartz logo OrangeHigh Performance 50% quartz sand and 50%
ultra-white marble sand smooth plaster preblend

Finest Finish Sparkle Quartz logo Yellow100% Quartz sand pre-blend with abalone shell

Premium, 98% high-white marble plaster pre-blend

Finest Finish Pebble Base logo burgundyHigh-Performance pre-blend of natural
mini-pebble with abalone

Finest Finish Blue Star logo Dark blue100% Quartz pre-blended with colored
quartz and abalone shell

Finest Finish Jewels for Pools logo purpleClassic mini-pebble blend with
Jewels for Pool Glass Blend
glass and abalone shell