The Finest Finish Blends and what makes us different?

  • Creating environmentally-friendly products for installers and consumers.

  • Mixing our one-bag, pre-blended system and consistent blend of all ingredients makes the difference: The Magic is in The Mix

  • Providing our own High-performance Cement, sourcing our own aggregate, using high technology to strengthen, and adding beauty and interest with Jewels For Pools™ glass beads and Abalone shell

  • Assuring accuracy and quality so our customers will enjoy the very best Swimming Pool Finish for many years

  • Excelling in industry experience, our team provides top tier customer service and support

  • Offering seven* and ten* year comprehensive warranties on all pre-blend components (*product dependent)

A Powerful Foundation

Proprietary, Pre-blended, High-Performance Cements and Aggregates

Reliable Consistent Mix

One bag, pre-blended systems

Unparalleled Beauty & Sparkle

Jewels for Pools™ glass, Abalone Shell and Multiple color options

The “MIX” is what differentiates Finest Finish Blends pool interior finishes from others on the market. “Pre-Blending” is our specialty, all of the ingredients of your pool interior finish are blended into one bag which has many benefits:

Quality Control – Because we source, manufacture and pre-blend all of the ingredients of your pool interior finish at our facilities, you can rest assured that everything going into your pool is of the highest quality.

Warranty – While most interior finish manufacturers’ warranty just the “aggregate” in the mix, Finest Finish Blends warranties all of the components because we know what is going into the pre-blended mix. We stand behind all of the mix components because they come straight from us.

Fewer Mistakes – Pre-blending also helps your installers keep batches consistent. There is no guess work on formulas because everything needed comes in a one-bag-system.