What are Finest Finish Texas Only Blends

Finest Finish Blends searches out carefully sourced, locally procured raw materials. We provide our proprietary high performance cement, pigments and accents that allow the creation of many color variations. We aim to offer our customers the best product at the best possible value across the country by using regional blending facilities. We have developed white base blend specifically for the South Eastern states, including Texas, Oklahoma and others.  There is a slight color variation due to the difference in blends that runs through all of the Texas products so we have created samples and brochures that reflect this.

Please bear in mind that colors reflect differently online, in print and on actual samples. Our sales representatives utilize our samples at our pool builders’ showrooms for your decision making convenience. We suggest you always wet the sample to get the best idea of what the pigment and product will look like in your pool.

Picture of Bluestar Brochure for Texas Region with pool and samples
  • Blue Star Mix enhanced with colored quartz
  • Enhanced with our Pre-blended Universal High Performance Cement™ and enriched with Pozzolans and Polymers
  • Assurance of strength and longevity with twice the strength of conventional plaster products
  • Comprehensive 7-year warranty
Pebble Base brochure image with samples and pool
  • Enhanced with our pre-blended Universal High-Performance Cement™ and enriched with pozzolans & polymers
  • Rich pigments to achieve brilliant shades of water color
  • Assurance of strength and longevity
  • Durable, non-slip and stain resistant
  • Easily customizable with other aggregate, color quartz, abalone shell or Pebble Radiance glass
  • Blended in one bag for convenience and quality assurance
  • Comprehensive 7-year material warranty

Finest Finish Texas Blends Series create a large range of vibrant color options. Ultimately the overall color and reflection of your swimming pool is also dependent on the lighting at different times during the day, the surrounding landscape.