What is Universal Mini Pebble

Universal White Cement provides carefully sourced raw materials including a selection of natural aggregates. Additionally, we provide our proprietary high performance cement, pigments and accents that allow the creation of many different mini pebble color variations.

Our recipes in Universal Mini Pebble and Desert Mini Pebble are a combination of natural mini pebble aggregates including, white, black and gold.  We provide recipes and samples to our installers so that they can create these colorful series. Accents such as Jewels for Pools Glass, quartz mix and abalone shell are enhancements in select mini pebble lineups.

Our sales representatives utilize our samples at our pool builders’ showrooms for your decision making convenience.

Mini-pebble blend with 40% JFP Glass Blend™
glass and abalone shell (TEXAS ONLY)

Finest Finish Pebble Base logo burgundy

Smooth, high-performing blend of natural pebble – can be customized (TEXAS ONLY)