Add the iridescence of Abalone and
the translucency of Jewels for Pools Glass Blend

Our abalone is cultivated for the jewelry industry which helps reduce common impurities. Abalone can be added to any finish to give a bit of sparkle and is available in crushed or dust form.

Enhance any pebble finish with the brilliance of Jewels for Pools Glass BlendTM.

Iridescent, multi-hued, gem-like pebbles captures sunlight, enhances water reflection and adds dramatic sparkle to any plain pebble pool surface.

Jewels for Pools Glass BlendTM is blended into our Radiant Fusion and Jewels for Pools interior finishes and can be used in other pebble finishes as well.

Please note that product photo colors may vary from actual product, please request real samples prior to purchase.